What’s your plan after school – Post school destinations

St. Mungo’s students have many different career aspirations and can leave school when they reach 16 years of age. Throughout S1 – S6, we ask students to explore and consider different career options and pathways to make sure that they are informed of all opportunities available. 

Our ongoing advice to students is to have a plan A, a back-up plan and perhaps even a plan C as many different careers offer employment, apprenticeships, college and university pathways in the same career field.

Supportive advice and useful resources can be found by clicking each pathway below. 


This section will support St. Mungo’s students through the UCAS process. Find out how to sign up through UCAS HUB and how to write the best Personal Statement you can.



This section will make you aware of nearby Colleges and inform you of the many vocational and academic courses on offer. Advice on how to apply and prepare for interviews too.



The information contained here relates to supporting students who want to go into training This might suit students who are not sure about their plans yet.

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This section contains useful advice and links when seeking part-time  or full-time employment. Advice on job search, applications & interviews  is provided. Job sites are referenced.



This section outlines the 3 main  branches of the Apprenticeship Family including Foundation Apprenticeships whilst studying at St Mungo’s.

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This section informs you of the many benefits of volunteering, both for you and/or your local community. You will also find links where you can sign up for volunteering opportunities.

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