School Vision 


Vision Statement:
St. Mungo’s is a community of Faith and Learning committed to Gospel values.

• Nurture the faith of all
• Provide the highest quality of education
• Treat everyone with respect and love


School Prayer

St Mungo,

We gather in God’s presence and ask you to pray for us that we, like you, may be filled with Christ’s love and become more faithful servants of God.

Ask God to enlighten our minds, so that Christ will shine through us in all that we do, and bless us with the knowledge and strength to overcome any challenges that come our way.

St Mungo, pray for us.

School Improvement Plan

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August 16th’;l’;l



Year Groups


New School App

There is an App available for Apple and Android devices which the school uses to send out important information and the calendar of events.  If you wish to download this App please go to the App store and search for “School App for Parents”.  Then select St Mungo’s High School from the list.

For parents who have already downloaded the App before the summer holidays, there was a major update to it and now requires you to uninstall the old App and download the new one.

New School Day Information


Period 1 9.00–9.50 am
Period 2 9.50-10.40 am
BREAK 10.40-10.55 am
Period 3 10.55-11.45 am
Period 4 11.45-12.35 pm
LUNCH 12.35-1.15 pm
Period 5 1.15-2.05 pm
Period 6 2.05- 2.55 pm
Period 7 2.55-3.45 pm

What will happen if my child is absent?

The school day starts at 9.00 am and all pupils will be registered in their period 1 class. There will be no form class – pupils will go straight to period 1.

If a pupil is not in period 1 class, parents/carers will be sent a GROUPCALL text. A parent/carer can then contact the school to let us know the reason why your child has been off (if that hasn’t happened already). This can be done by:

If a child has been given a note explaining their absence this should be brought to the office and put in the ABSENCE LETTERS box.


How will pupils be registered?

A class register will be taken at the start of every period which is current practice within the school. The period 1 register will be now be used to establish pupil absences and trigger GROUPACALL. The school day starts at 9.00 am (Period 1) – if your child arrives in school after 9.00 am then they MUST sign in at the school office. This will allow the system to be changed from absent to present (Late).


What should my child do if they have an appointment during the school day and need to leave school?

Parents can alert the office via email or by phone. Once received the office will update the system so that teachers are aware that your child has permission to leave for an appointment and at what time. Your child will also be issued with an Appointment Slip.

A hand written note can be handed in to the office between 8.50 and 9.00 am or at interval in return for an appointment slip.

All pupils should report to the office to sign out for an appointment.

How will my child see her/his Pastoral Teacher?

Pupils will see a member of the Pastoral Team for one Personal and Social Education (PSE) class period each week.
Pupils will continue to have access to Pastoral Staff during the day, either through break time drop-ins or appointments during class time.

How will information be distributed to pupils at key times in the year?

Pupils will have any paper copies of information distributed to them through subjects. We will continue to send all information directly to parents/carers via email, text, the school App and Website.

Pupil Equity Funding

St Mungo’s High School was awarded £78,600 by the Scottish Government from the Pupil Equity Fund. Staff, pupils and parents were consulted on how we should spend the money. The following information provides information on where the money was spent in session 2018-19 and the impact that this is had on the pupils on St Mungo’s.

Pupil Equity Funding

Positive Parenting Program

The three Ps in ‘Triple P’ stand for ‘Positive Parenting Program’ Triple P helps you understand how your family works so you can use the things you already think, feel, say and do in new ways.
There is no hard-and-fast rule book for raising children but it’s surprising how many familiar parenting problems have very simple solutions.
From infants’ sleeping difficulties to toddler tantrums; fighting at school to a teenager’s defiance; even the struggle to set up healthy eating patterns or a regular homework routine — the issues you face aren’t peculiar to your family. In fact, they’re commonplace. That’s why Triple P can help. Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world that’s based on evidence from clinical research. For more than 30 years, Triple P’s easy-to understand and practical strategies have been shown to help families in all types of situations.
Parents can choose from tip sheets, books, DVDs, seminars, courses or one-on-one sessions to arm themselves with the tools that can make parenting a little less ‘trial and error’.
And because Triple P works in the majority of cases, Triple P has the seal of approval of parents, practitioners and experts internationally.
We look forward to helping you.

Triple P Referral Form

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Fantastic opportunity – many thanks for supporting our young people 😊

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Dissertation support from Matt and Tom @ustirhistpol for AH @falkirkcouncil History Hub. @BraesHigh @LarbertHigh @Boness_Academy @FalkirkHigh @StMungosFalkirk 3

🛎🛎attention all s5/6 Business Management pupils🛎🛎 get your permission slips into Mrs Scullion or Mrs MacIntyre for the Amazon, Dunfermline trip ASAP!!! You must also remember to make payment online! #amazonfctours @SMHSBusinessEd @StMungosFalkirk

Fantastic news. Thank you for organising 😊

LHS Modern Studies@LHS_ModStuds

The Higher Politics Digital Hub received their iPads today. Now pupils from across @falkirkcouncil will learn together remotely using @MicrosoftTeams and @GoogleForEdu’s Classroom and Jamboard apps. @LHSgetsdigital @LarbertHigh @StMungosFalkirk @GrangemouthHS

2 weeks today to our Annual Awards Ceremony! All pupils should check the notice board in the social space for award winners. Parents/Carers of award winners have been emailed their invitation. #LetChristShine 🌟🌟

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Microsoft Showcase School

St Mungo’s High School was selected by Microsoft as a 2018-2019 Microsoft Showcase School for their excellence in demonstrated student outcomes resulting from its commitment to educational transformation, driven effectively by Head Teacher Mr Stephen Phee. St Mungo’s High School provides both inspiration and an opportunity for all community members to see and experience the future of digital transformation in education.
St Mungo’s joins an exclusive community from around the world, recognized and celebrated for their educational transformation which includes vision and innovation in teaching, learning and assessment, computational and critical thinking, creativity and collaboration and a willingness to promote a growth mindset among educators and students.

As a Showcase School, St Mungo’s will work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education transformation and communicate an education transformation vision, enabled by technology, through our commitment to host and mentor other schools in the local community and around the globe.

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Monday, 6th January 2020


Tuesday, 18th February 2020


Thursday, 30th April 2020


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