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School Transport

Free school transport is awarded to students who meet the distance entitlement criteria – students who are under 8 years of age and live more than 1 mile from their catchment school or are 8 years of age or older and live more than 2 miles from their catchment school.

Most entitled students will be given a season ticket for bus travel. However, a minibus or taxi may be used depending on where you live.

Students who are not entitled to free school transport can travel on most school bus services after paying the appropriate fare.

The main link to find out more about School Transport and/or see many FAQs can be accessed by clicking here.

Other useful links are:

You also can get application forms from:

Abbotsford House or

by calling 01324 504966 or 01324 504724

Main School Link for Transport queries – Ms AM Jess

Our School Day

Our school will close at 2:55 pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday and at 3:45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There may be Study Support and/or extra-curricular activities in operation after hours for participating pupils. Parents/carers will be informed of these activities, as details become available.

Reporting an Absence

We would appreciate your support in informing us of any planned (e.g. appointment) or unplanned absence (e.g. sickness) as early as possible so that we can update our records and offer appropriate support. It will also avoid the need for parents/carers to contact the school each morning.

Unplanned Absence – e.g., sickness, family circumstances

Parents/carers are asked to phone the main reception area 01324 614614 as early as possible to report a student’s absence. Alternatively, you can email the main school mailbox (click here) and we will update your child’s attendance records. If we receive this information, you will not receive a GROUPCALL message.

When contacting us, please give your child’s:

  • Name,
  • Year group,
  • House,
  • Reason/s for absence (if applicable) &
  • Length of likely absence (if known)

 Planned Absence – e.g., appointment, work placement

If your child has a planned appointment, please write a note which should be handed into the reception. Alternatively, you can phone us (01324 614614) or email (click here) as early as possible and your child’s attendance records will be updated. If we receive this information, you will not receive a GROUPCALL message.

When contacting us, please give us your child’s:

  • Name
  • Year Group and House
  • Reason for absence
  • Date and Time of Appointment
  • Any special arrangements e.g. relative picking your child up etc.

Student absence, but the school has not been informed –

If we are not made aware of a student absence, you will receive an automated message from our GROUPCALL system by 9:30am (at the latest). Parents/carers should respond to this GROUPCALL either by calling the main school number (01324 614614) or replying to the text message.

Period Absence –

If your child is absent from a period lesson, but has been registered for other periods, parents/carers will receive either a GROUPCALL text or phone call from the school. We ask for your support in responding.


Covid 19

Letter to Parents and Carers: Jason Leitch National Clinical Director – 16 September 2021

COVID 19: Arrangements for school opening on 18th August 2021.

Please Click Here For The Latest Advice And Guidance.

Below is a useful video on how to carry out your lateral flow test

School Uniform